Department of Hadron Physics

Interests of the experimental groups in the Department of Hadron Physics are focused on the properties of strong interactions at low and intermediate energies. Furthermore,  an attention is paid to developments of applications of experimental physics to connected fields in medicine.

The most important present activities of the groups are:

  • Searches for CP violations in decays of mesons (WASA-at-COSY) and measurements of electric dipole moment of proton and deuterium  (JEDI);
  • Investigations of dynamics in few nucleon system, pion-nucleon resonances (HADES at GSI/FAIR) and spectroscopy of  hyperons (PANDA at GSI/FAIR);
  • Studies of electromagnetic structure of hadrons by means of transition form-factors (experiments HADES and PANDA at GSI/FAIR);
  • Spectroscopy of mesons in the charmonium mass range (experiment PANDA at GSI/FAIR);
  • Properties of compressed and hot baryonic matter in relativistic heavy ion collisions (experiment HADES at GSI/FAIR);
  • Online monitoring of proton therapy via detection of prompt gamma radiation emitted from irradiated tissues (projects γCCB and SiFi-CC, in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen, Heidelberg Ionenstrahl-Therapiezentrum and Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS in Kraków);
  • Looking for new paths of radioisotope production using proton and electron beams;
  • Developments of high precision tracking detectors and dedicated read-out and data processing electronics.