Laboratory of gas detectors

Układ dwóch komór dryfowych w eksperymencie BIG KARL


The laboratory conducts the development and construction of gas detectors for experiments in the field of nuclear and particle physics. In this laboratory we build, among others, drift chambers for the reconstruction of charged particle tracks in the COSY-11 and BIG KARL detection systems operating at the COSY-Juelich accelerator, and for the μTRV experiment which was ran on a muon beam at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).






Detektor „shower” w spektrometrze HADES





In the laboratory we also constructed a "pre-shower" detector system for the identification of electrons in the HADES spectrometer which is used to study di-lepton production carried out at the GSI Darmstadt institute.





Prototypowa komora dryfowa do PANDY


Currently, we are involved in the development of gas straw tube detectors for the PANDA experiment for research with an antiproton beam in the FAIR accelerator complex. We have prepared a technical design of the straw tube detector for the measurement of particle momenta in the Forward Spectrometer of the PANDA
detector. We have developed modular straw detectors stabilized with gas overpressure whose main advantages are: very low weight, ease of detector repair by damaged module replacement, the possibility of using very light and compact support frames. Together with groups from the Institute of Physics of AGH and GSI-Darmstadt, we work on readout electronics of straw tube detectors operating at high radiation rates of about 1 MHz/channel and particle flux of 5 x107s-1 expected at PANDA. We also develop algorithms for the reconstruction of particle tracks in the "on-line" mode based on FPGA's (see the description of Electronics Laboratory).





Prototypowa płaszczyzna detektorów słomkowych do Spektrometru Przedniego PANDY


We are also constructing a straw detector for the HADES experiment, based on modules developed for PANDA. This detector will be used to investigate the production and structure of hyperons in the pion-proton and proton-proton collisions.













Cylindryczna komora dryfowa do eksperymentu SAPHIR na akceleratorze ELSA w Bonn


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